Rhino’s Note: FootyRhino has always been a self-indulgent rant hole for Rhino to stand on a soap box, a high horse, or something else that makes you taller. Never before have we welcomed other writers, voices, opinions, Caleb Daniel’s. In 2016 that has changed. 

Josh provides us with the In’n’Out on Thursday nights, a detailed look at the key team selections, and Joel screams and cries like a little bitch every Wednesday with THE ANGRY RANT, releasing the inner fantasy demon inside us all. 

Now, we’re introducing another weekly offering, JIMBOB’S MIDWEEK RAMBLE. 

You might remember JimBob  – he wrote for DTTALK for a few years, and has been a smiling face on the Citrus Finance ad on top of the FootyRhino page for a while now. He knows his stuff, and spends, like you, far too much time worrying about break-evens, breakouts, and breaking his hand when he punches a door after Michael Barlow throws out another turd. 

Every week JimBob will talk trends, value, run some numbers and give you sage advice that you can take to the bank. Or at the very least take you to your therapist when you finally get admitted to the local funny farm. 


JimBob’s Midweek Ramble

How good was nine games of football? Should be pretty close to a finished team in AF now. Ha, just kidding. Brodie Smith isn’t a premium back.


Who is cheap – all of a sudden, a Jason ‘George’ Castanga ($177k, b/e -17) appears out of nowhere! He uses possessions and tackles for fantasy points! It’s super effective! Go and catch him and stick him on your bench.

Who is value- Jack Martin ($363,000k b/e 38) looks to be good value now thanks to a three round average of 87 and a home on the half back flank. But that was when Gary and Riskytellly was in the team and they won some games. Martin is the ultimate barometer of the team. Gold coast wins, he scores well. Gold coast loses, he goes missing. He averages 100 points in the five wins, and 58 in the 10 losses. Will Gold Coast win more games than they lose on the way home? The bulldogs, Freo, Melbourne, GWS and Essendon in the next five will be interesting prospects.

Who is sucking- Heath Shaw $500k, b/e 151 is reminding us about what Heath Shaw can do. Get in car crashes. He’s been on that journey for the last three weeks, averaging 75 in that period. Now $32k under his starting price, just wait until he bounces back. Which he will. Just don’t stop believing.


Who is cheap –  Clay Smith $224k, b/e -12 Still looks a standout option after returning well from an ACL reconstruction and12 months out of the game. He’s a forward too, always nice to open up a DPP spot in the mids at this time of the year. This is exactly what I wrote last week and is even more true this week. Work smart, not hard.

Who is value – Taylor Adams ($512k, b/e 120) don’t worry about him not getting defender status, just sit back and watch him score points. Only owned by 1500 odd coaches, Adams returned well from his hamstring injury and is now $48k under his starting price too.

Who is sucking- Callan Ward ($482k, b/e126) I’m a big fan of Callan, despite his haircut. He’s a no nonsense footballer who goes out and gets it done week in and out. Usually. Ward has been down on form of recent, averaging 80 in his last three weeks, but I’ll back him to get back to form, especially with Griffen going down for a while. The  GWS run home has been discussed to death, but even more reason to consider him for the run home.


Sam Michael ($156k, b/e 2) is a solid cash generation tool, as predicted last week. I can’t think of anything more to add to this line. Um, get Max Gawn?


Who is cheap – Oleg Markov ($186k, b/e -9) didn’t just win the euro cup final, he made his AFL debut. And he kicked a figurative goal of 95 AF points. Richmond should play the kids, especially after their improved display so a handy heartbeat up forward.

Who is value- (Aaron Hall $482k, b/e 82) – Captain hindsight tells us that we should of held him in round 12 when dropped. He was always missing the round 13 bye.  as soon as he racked up 30 disposals in the 2’s, he was probably a chance to come straight back in. Should now take the mantle of lead dog now that Ablett is gone for the season.  

Who is sucking- Sam Kerridge $418k, b/e 116 – Kedge has been more than servicable for the 2016 season, earning us $119k. But a three round average of 65 has seen him lose $33k, taking a bit of a shine off the gloss. Yes he does make an ideal swingman from F7/M9 but getting maximum points on the ground should be a priority before building bench cover.

JimBob’s BIG Board of Bang for Bucks

It’s evolving. Not just the cheap meat, but players who are punching above their weight (Shaun Hampson) or money.


Play Fantasy Champ here. 



Rueben William – $26 pp (Per Point) – looked ok for his first game, but isn’t playing GC.

Kaiden Brand – $26pp – bargain basement that can score 91? Yes please

Mitch White – $26pp – Who? He scored 85 last week? Ok I’m interested.

Daniel Talia – $41pp – starting to rack up possessions down back every now and then. Has to worry about Cloke this week, so should go well.

Andrew Mackie – $74pp – showed some form last week and plays Freo who gave up 1,000,000 points to Melbourne.



Karl Amon – $33pp. STILL a bargain

Will Farren Ray $80pp get a better role with Nicky Dal out of the team?

Chris Masten – $53pp – is starting to gain form as we know he can – 108 in his last three.

Brad Crouch – $50pp – has he turned a corner? 105 in his last three.


Rucks –

Sam Michael – $38pp.


Just like the rucks in AF, there isn’t a whole heap of value in the rucks. You generally get what you pay for.


Oleg Markov – $14pp – hopefully he can kick a goaaaallllll or three against Essendon.

Jack Silvagni – $26pp – dint go well against Adelaide. Kicked a goal, thought his dad would be more excited. Let’s see how he goes against the web this week.

Aaron Vandenberg – $37pp – proven fantasy scorer in the past and against the saints.

Peter ‘2m’ Wright – $48pp – marking anything that comes near him 159 points last week!

Travis Cloke – $48pp – Can he back up his 150 against Talia et al? No.


Well that’s it for this week. Don’t forget, I may be average at Fantasy Champ, but not at Mortgage Broking. I’ve decided to keep the offer going past week one. If you’re in Perth and want to see me for a review of your mortgage, and I can’t find you a better interest rate for your home loan, I’ll get Rhino to put $100 into a Fantasy Champ account for you. Interstate? Well there is thing called ‘the internet’, I’m sure we can work it out! What can you do with that money? Well you can take it out and spend it on booze or magic beans if you want. Or you could have 20 free hits on the $5 games. Who knows how much more you can make? You’ll likely get my money for free. For more details, find me on twitter @jimbobholder or click on the link at the top of this page to get all my other important details.


Good luck this week. Score well and try to stay sane.




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