Rhino’s Note: FootyRhino has always been a self-indulgent rant hole for Rhino to stand on a soap box, a high horse, or something else that makes you taller. Never before have we welcomed other writers, voices, opinions, Caleb Daniel’s. In 2016 that has changed. 

Josh provides us with the In’n’Out on Thursday nights, a detailed look at the key team selections, and Joel screams and cries like a little bitch every Wednesday with THE ANGRY RANT, releasing the inner fantasy demon inside us all. 

Now, we’re introducing another weekly offering, JIMBOB’S MIDWEEK RAMBLE. 

You might remember JimBob  – he wrote for DTTALK for a few years, and has been a smiling face on the Citrus Finance ad on top of the FootyRhino page for a while now. He knows his stuff, and spends, like you, far too much time worrying about break-evens, breakouts, and breaking his hand when he punches a door after Michael Barlow throws out another turd. 

Every week JimBob will talk trends, value, run some numbers and give you sage advice that you can take to the bank. Or at the very least take you to your therapist when you finally get admitted to the local funny farm. 

JimBob’s Midweek Ramble

So I’m gonna change things up a bit this week. It’s the second week of finals and you’re probably in one of three categories

  1. In the running for your best overall finish or one of those lucky few in the running for whole thing
  2. Playing to win your league, and get a shiny trophy and a summer of gloating and reminders,
  3. You’re cooked in anything that’s important so may as well have some fun.

Let’s have a look at what’s on your mind in each of these categories and find some strategies to help out.

Best finish/ overall –    First of all – nice work. Whether it be cracking the top 10k or top 100, it’s great to improve on previous seasons’ efforts and create a higher goal for next year. Give yourself a pat on the back. On the positive perspective, there is still four weeks where you can continue to improve on that ranking and that usually means avoiding the carnage that is restings/managements and injuries. On the negative side you can still completely f*ck your season up from here if you hit all of said carnage. A mate of mine had Suckling, Boyd and S Martin out last week. Only traded Martin as he had a must win game to make finals to yep, Jacobs. Also lost Macrae. Shit just happens. But carnage isn’t all bad. Sometimes you need carnage to happen around you for you to get ahead.

This time of season is a complete mindf*ck and no crystal ball can predict what can happen. What you can do is play the averages and hope for the best. If you need to sideways/upgrade players look for the players who have the more favourable runs, but also look for those who are actually playing for something. Do Port and the Saints have the slimmest of slim chance for finals? Will Josh Jenkins ($399k, b/e 63) jump all over Freo? Has Steven Motlop ($407k, b/e 76) finally finished his pre-season training programme? Moves like these are super ballsy and borderline stupid but hell, you could look like a genius if they come off. And everyone loves talking about the genius moves they made in Fantasy. The sensible moves are players like Stephen Coniglio ($529k, b/e 101), Dan Hannebery ($528k, b/e 80) or Tom Mitchell ($487k, b/e 76) who are all going hell for leather in a team going for a top two/four position and will leave nothing on the park and likely play if they are 85% fit. Conigs and has less than 10% ownership too and could prove the difference.


Playing to win your league –

This is slightly easier to manage and predict than the overall space. Now you can solely make your trades on your week to week opponent. If you’re projected to win by 150+ points, then play it safe and let the other coach take the risks. Never give that sucker an even break. Is Rory Sloane $554k, b/e 115) or Lachie Neale ($530k, b/e 108) going to dominate on Sunday? You bet they are. Does Sam Mitchell $487k, b/e 124 and Jordon Lewis $524k, b/e 114)) play Norf who kill fantasy numbers and TV ratings with their game style? They sure do. Make a sensible captain choice, or at least the same as the other coach and play the averages.

On the other side of the fence? Need some Hail Marys to make up a huge gap? Players like Tom Scully ($464k, b/e 73), Devon Smith ($429k, b/e 65), Rory Laird ($484k, b/e 87) and Patrick Cripps $505k, b/e 66 are probably due a big game against weaker opponents who give up plenty of fantasy points. It’s also the week to go an out of the box captain and hope your opponent’s flunks. Going a unique player as a captain isn’t the worst idea either. If you last week, like many other smart coaches went Dangerfield as captain and your opponent went someone like Dan Hannebery (who you don’t own), that’s a 50 point swing. Hope you didn’t lose. If you do get up by some miracle of God, make sure your opponent knows all about it.


You’re cooked

If you’re anything like me and have been scoring 2300 each week, but regressing and now outside of the top 5000, it’s time to have some fun. Does it matter if you finish 5000 or 1000? Not in my book. If you have had shit luck with uniques like Jack Macrae or Brandon F*cking Ellis then it’s time to get inventive. Want to finally pick Ed Curnow ($505k, b/e 109) or Travis Boak ($499k, b/e 107)?? Do it. Put the C on them too. Like the fact that Shaun Grigg ($460k, b/e 75) has a season high of 139 or that ? Go for it. While I could never just tank and be completely stupid, having the freedom to do something you would never usually do may just be the thing that gets you going back up the ranks.

I have somewhat adopted this mantra for the last few weeks which has seen players such as Tom Lynch (GC), Devon Smith, Jack Martin and Callan Ward join my team. These players are like those summertime festival flings. It’s short, sweet and won’t last forever. And these players are not the reason I have been sliding down the rankings. It’s good fun and something you can do every week in match day games like Fantasy Champ.

Jimbob’s Board of bang for bucks

Defenders –

Xavier Richards – $17pp (Per point)

Aliir Aliir – $27pp

Brendon Whitecross – $34pp

Daniel Talia – $41pp plays Fremantle and may get another 100

James Aish – $47pp – 90 average in his last three



Rupert Wills – $15pp – let’s hope he can tackle as much as last week.

Joshua Schoenfield – $25

Sam Menegola – $28pp – price rise but still worth it.

Brad Crouch – $50pp – absolute bargain considering his potential, his opponent and his quest to be the better crouch.

Sam Gibson – $54 pp – put up 110 in his last four games.

Rucks –

Sam Naismith – $19 pp – one of your first picked for the Saturday game!

Archie Smith – $19pp – your second most first picked on Saturday

Jackson Trengove – $56 – still cheap and in still the ruck.

Brodie Grundy – $68 pp – Just a lazy 117 in his last six! First picked on Friday night



John Butcher – $29 pp – WON’T score 134 this week.

Aaron Vandenberg – Richie’s son is starting to warm up.

Matt Jones – $45 pp – a bit under the radar but averages 97 and scored 131 last week!   .

Touk Miller – $50pp – one of your first picked forwards with his mid role.

Well that’s it for this week. Don’t forget, I may be average at Fantasy Champ, but not at Mortgage Broking. If you’re in Perth and want to see me for a review of your mortgage, and I can’t find you a better interest rate for your home loan, I’ll get Rhino to put $100 into a Fantasy Champ account for you. Interstate? Well there is thing called ‘the internet’, I’m sure we can work it out! What can you do with that money? Well you can take it out and spend it on booze or magic beans if you want. Or you could have 20 free hits on the $5 games. Who knows how much more you can make? You’ll likely get my money for free. For more details, find me on twitter @jimbobholder or click on the link at the top of this page to get all my other important details.


Good luck this week. Score well and try to stay sane.




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