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Imagine a land where football ruled time.

A land free of freeway traffic jams. A land where family dinners aren’t scheduled on Preliminary Final night. It’s a place where your best mate won’t accidentally get his girl pregnant with a due date sometime late in September.

It’s a place where you don’t have to explain the intricacies of Dreamteam and its fundamental differences with SuperCoach. It’s a football fans utopia. In this land there’s four extra public holidays per year. They fall on Brownlow Night, the National Draft, Grand Final Day and the Thursday of the first fantasy football lockout.

Here, you don’t have to be afraid to speak up when Cam Mooney becomes an All-Australian. Here, you read about things that relate to the way you watch the game, the way you think about the game.

Here, is where you come to print off a few articles before taking that much needed 15 minute time-out in cubicle three of the upstairs men’s bathroom at work. This is that magical land. It’s FootyRhino.com.au

Sometimes we’ll touch on mature subjects, but we’re inspired by the need for something different.

You’ll get all the footy commentary and analysis you crave.

FootyRhino content is produced by Channel Seven Sports Reporter Ryan Daniels. He doesn’t care for long walks on the beach or foreign film festivals. He cares about breakevens, the GWS draft compensation package and the father/son rule.

To email Ryan a question or a musing for an upcoming mailbag, hit up rhino@footyrhino.com.au

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